A downloadable game

Have you ever wanted to date your favorite DPD boys? Well, you’ll have that chance in  DPD Dating! You are taking a walk when it starts to rain and you run into a nearby shop for shelter. Meet Hank, Connor, Gavin, and Nines for a friendly chat but as the days go on you run into them again and again. Is this just coincidence or does it mean something more?

This is only the intro to the game, I have more chapters in mind with cutscenes and such but life has been pretty busy and this is something I am doing independently. If you are interested in this game continuing please drop a comment here or on my tumblr!

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file, to play the game select the .exe file.


DPDDating-mac.zip 45 MB
DPDDating-pc.zip 62 MB


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HOLY SHIT I had no idea this existed so now I'm gonna go download this asap omg,,, thank you,,


I hope you enjoy it! c:

What a nice holiday surprise :) I loved a world without him so I am downloading this right now. It's exciting to hear this may be a multi part game. 


I'm glad that you liked my other game and I'm happy to hear you're looking forward to seeing more c: Thanks for sticking around!